Board of Directors

The National Board of Women's Studies Research Center and Scholars Program at Brandeis University, founded in 2001, was created to provide guidance, financial support and assistance with community relations. 

Our Board consists of 15 members, including Brandeis alumni and non-alumni from various regions in the country, but primarily in the Boston area. The group meets monthly from August until June on the Brandeis campus and is led by Cochairs Diane R. Rubin '81 and Rosalie Ripaldi Shane '66.

Members of the board include artists, businesswomen, actors, philanthropists, politicians, physicians, people in the media, lawyers and writers, to name a few.


Cynthia Berenson 
Carol Goldberg
Sue Goldberg
Barbara (Babs) Hirshfield
Ellen Beth Lande '73
Jessica K. Laufer '79
Eliane Markoff
Annette Liberman Miller '58
Evelyn Murphy
Ruth Nemzoff
Diane R. Rubin '81, Cochair
Rachel Sagan
Rosalie Ripaldi Shane '66, Cochair
Louise Weinberg '73
Austin Wertheimer