Academic Fellowships

A fellowships staff members works with a student in an office

For Fall 2020, all Fellowships Advising will be conducted remotely via phone, Zoom, Skype, etc. Contact the Fellowship Advising Team to set up an appointment with a Fellowship Advisor or to be added to the weekly Fellowships email list.

Academic Fellowships Advising is available to all students who wish to expand their academic horizons. Many Brandeis students conduct research in the form of a senior thesis or an independent study on- or off-campus, either during the summer or throughout the academic year.

Fellowships provide support for students to develop their academic interests further. Often, this includes working closely with a faculty mentor on both the design of a project and the process of carrying it out. The Office of Academic Services can help guide you through the necessary steps in applying for a fellowship: from building your connections to faculty, to refining your initial ideas, all the way through the various stages of writing your proposal. We counsel both current Brandeis students and recent Brandeis alumni.

Many fellowships are devoted to funding students with good ideas, and therefore many factors are taken into account other than GPA in order to qualify. Students often report that getting the chance to do their own research with a mentor has transformed their education, allowing them the chance to discover their own abilities.

If you decide to apply for a fellowship, make an appointment to meet with Meredith Monaghan or Elizabeth Rotolo very early on in the process. You should also feel free to email or meet with Meredith to begin an ongoing conversation about which fellowships might be a good match for you.

Recent Projects

Recent Brandeis research projects include: