Fellowship Opportunities

For Fall 2020, all Fellowships Advising will be conducted remotely via phone, Zoom, Skype, etc. Contact the Fellowship Advising Team to set up an appointment with a Fellowship Advisor or to be added to the weekly Fellowships email list.

Whether you are in the sciences, the humanities, the creative arts, or doing a hybrid course of study that combines various fields: you can devise your own projects! You can also further explore topics covered in your coursework, your readings, the studio or lab.

Fellowship opportunities are organized below so you can search based on your class standing. Remember that "research" really means independent investigation in any field of study! Internal (Brandeis-funded) research opportunities, such as the Schiff or the URF programs, can often be great starting points for developing proposals down the road, such as the Fulbright.

This list covers only those programs facilitated by the Office of Academic Services. Additional opportunities may be available through other departments.

Academic Fellowship Opportunities by Year