Marshall Scholarships

Marshall Scholarships finance young Americans of high ability to study for a degree in the United Kingdom in a system of higher education recognized for its excellence.

Founded by a 1953 Act of Parliament, Marshall Scholarships are mainly funded by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and commemorate the humane ideals of the Marshall Plan conceived by Gen. George C Marshall. They express the continuing gratitude of the British people to their American counterparts.

Marshall Scholarships are designed to enable intellectually distinguished young Americans, their country’s future leaders, to study in the U.K.; help scholars gain an understanding and appreciation of contemporary Britain; contribute to the advancement of knowledge in science, technology, the humanities and social sciences and the creative arts at Britain’s centers of academic excellence; motivate scholars to act as ambassadors from the U.S. to the U.K. and vice versa throughout their lives, thus strengthening British American understanding; and promote the personal and academic fulfillment of each scholar.

Eligibility Criteria

Eligibility Limitations

Must be a U.S. citizen and college graduate within two years of your graduation date (BA or BS).


Any institution of higher learning in the U.K. Applications are encouraged for study at institutions other than those in London, Cambridge and Oxford.

Amount, Duration of Award

Awards average about 38,000 euros ($41,420) per year and cover tuition, books, room, board, fares to and from the U.S. and other expenses. Awards are for two years, with possibility of being extended to a third year. There are approximately 1,000 applications for 40 scholarships, divided among eight U.S. regions.

Application Requirements

Dates, Deadlines and Notification

Past Brandeis Winners, Finalists