Academic Accommodations

SAS provides a range of supports to students with disabilities. All services available to qualified students are determined based on an on-going and collaborative process between the student and SAS. Depending on the nature and severity of the disability and the particular needs of the student, SAS can help students obtain a variety of academic adjustments. This can include, but is not limited to:

Please note that essential programmatic requirements cannot be altered and are determined by faculty and departments. As a student at Brandeis, you are expected to meet all academic and behavioral expectations of both the courses you are taking and of the broader campus community.

Academic Accommodations and Support

Once students have submitted documentation of a disability (for questions about documentation please visit our documentation section), they are encouraged to set up a meeting with a member of the SAS team. In that discussion with the student, the staff member determines specific classroom and exam accommodations that are based on the student's documented needs.

Common accommodations are:

Students then request and receive letters they can give to their instructors, notifying them of the their approved accommodations. Faculty are accustomed to receiving the letter of accommodation from this office and should not be expected to determine an appropriate accommodation for a disability.

Additional Academic Services

Brandeis' accessibility office is part of the network of resources and advisors within the Office of Academic Services. Students easily receive introductions and referrals to services and support that are available to all undergraduates: class-year advisors and programming, trained peer advisors and mentors, peer tutors through Brandeis Undergraduate Group Study (BUGS) and advisors for academic fellowships, study abroad and health professions. We readily connect students with the resources of the Writing Center, graduate student tutors in chemistry and math, and the academic advising network of faculty advisors.

Additionally, Student Accessibility Support meets individually with students to advise and support them. Specifically, we promote the use of academic strategies, development of the student's self-knowledge and good communication with faculty and staff.

Medical/Disability Needs in Residence Halls

Students request a disability-related housing need by following the process described on our Medical and Disability Needs in Residence and Dining Halls page. Reasonable accommodations for housing are determined on a case-by-case basis, through consultation among personnel from the Department of Community Living, the Health Center, the Brandeis Counseling Center and Student Accessibility Support.

For more information about requesting accommodations in residence halls visit the Brandeis Department of Community Living.

Accessible Classroom Locations, Transportation or Parking

Our office works in partnership with offices and departments across campus to communicate and coordinate to meet the accessibility needs of students who have mobility limitations.

Temporary Disabilities Due to Illness or Injury

Please call reception (781-736-3470) if you have accessibility needs due to illness or injury. We provide the same range of services for students with temporary disabilities that are available to all students with disabilities.