Faculty Spotlights

As a community, we are constantly striving toward ensuring all of our classrooms are inclusive and accessible. Within this section, faculty and departments will be spotlighted to help you think about what you can do to be more inclusive.

Prepared by Terri Queler, Lauren Lichten, and Scott Lapinski

In retrospect, inclusion and accessibility are things that we should have been thinking about from the start. However, the key motivating factor was for us was the enrollment of a student with hearing loss in our program. We were concerned that our student was not able to access the same information or have an equivalent experience to their classmates. This was an important starting point because it was a place from which to being thinking critically about what inclusion actually means, and eventually build more inclusive practices for all our students.

Prepared by Hollie Harder

Although the idea of making courses accessible to students with disabilities may at first seem challenging, in French and Francophone Studies, we found that the strategies we put in place ended up helping all of our students learn more efficiently and think more deeply about the issues addressed in our courses.