SAS Letter - November 2018

Dear Students,

We are sending well-wishes as we move into the final stretch of the semester.

Recently, we learned that several faculty members were not providing accommodations appropriately in their classrooms or exams. When you can let us know that this happens, we follow up with faculty members or their department chairs, as is appropriate. And we do this quickly!

Also, we want to encourage you to use the Report It mechanism if you experience or observe a Bias-Related Incident.

Remember, you can book a meeting with one of us by calling reception at 781-736-3470. Here’s the team:

In addition to meeting individually with many of you, we are preparing for your Final Exam Accommodations. Please email, call, or book a meeting to discuss any of your accommodations, services, or experience during the semester or to anticipate the next semester.

Wishing you well-being and success as you complete your fall classes.



Beth Rodgers-Kay, Director

Student Accessibility Support