Brandeis Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (BOLLI)

How to Take and Edit Awesome iPhone Photos: Genres Module (People, Nature, Reflections, Flowers, and Sunsets)

Course Number


Study Group Leader (SGL)

Ellen Foust


This course will take place virtually on Zoom. Participation requires a device (ideally a computer or tablet, rather than a cell phone) with a camera and microphone in good working order and basic familiarity with using Zoom and accessing email.

5-Week Course

April 4 - May 9. No Class April 25.


If you can push all the buttons on your iPhone camera and your photos still don’t look awesome, this course is for you! Designed as a follow-up to How to Take and Edit Awesome iPhone Photos, this course is not focused on camera features, but rather on the artistic aspects of photography as they apply to different genres. Each week we will focus on a different genre: family and friends; travel; reflections in water, metal, and glass; flowers/plants; and sunrises/sunset. We will focus on light, composition, and visual design to take your photos to the next level. Each lively, interactive session will be divided into two sections: presentation of new concepts and lively, interactive feedback on your own photos. We will use the instructor’s Rubric for Awesome Photos as a guide. As you begin to internalize the rubric, you will be well on your way to thinking like a photographer and producing much better images.  

Note: iPhone users (all models) only. Since we will not focus on how to use the features of the iPhone camera, the basic course: How to Take and Edit Awesome iPhone Photos (or equivalent skills) is strongly suggested as a prerequisite. You should be comfortable experimenting with technology. 

Group Leadership Style
Roughly the same amount of lecture and discussion.
Course Materials
Optional text. The iPhone Photography Book" (paperback, 272 pages) by Scott Kelby. Rocky Nook ISBN: 9781681986913+/- $25 USD. Other optional materials (links to other books, Youtube videos, PDFs) will be posted on a Google Site.
Preparation Time

Up to an hour of photo editing/week. Editing can be done on an iPhone/Android phone or tablet. The advantage of using a tablet is more "screen real estate" and the possibility of using a stylus rather than your finger.


Ellen Foust is an award-winning visual artist/photographer with a passion for teaching. Her experience spans darkroom to digital, portraiture to landscapes. She holds an MA in art history, an MEd in education, and has studied at the New England School of Photography. Her award-winning photos can be seen throughout the Boston area, most recently at LexArt, the Allen Center, the Newton Fence Art Project, and the Fountain Street Gallery in SoWa. Her photos have been featured on websites, in literary magazines and newspaper articles. Visit her website or Instagram.