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Information for Current Study Group Leaders

Study Group Leader Benefits

Study Group Leaders (SGLs) at BOLLI play a special leadership role in the BOLLI community, and often forge a strong and rewarding connection with each other. Some SGLs would themselves like to take study groups, either concurrent with their own teaching or in the next term. All SGLs are eligible for discounted membership dues and an exemption from the course assignment lottery. This exemption will ensure that you can take the course or courses of your choosing. Click here for more information about the benefits of leading a study group at BOLLI.

Zoom help for SGLs

Need help setting up your Zoom account? Please reach out to your Study Group Support Committee Liaison.

For last minute help using Zoom to conduct your BOLLI class, please don't hesitate to reach out to Nicole Grant, Program Coordinator at 781-736-2992 and/or nicoglegrant@brandeis.edu. Please give her as much information as possible about the issue you are experiencing. Either Nicole or another staff person or volunteer will be back in touch with you promptly.

Welcome Letter and Syllabus
A gentle reminder: the members of your class will be expecting to hear from you before the start of term. Please plan to send a welcome email with syllabus by August 15 if you are teaching a 10 week or 5a course. Sample welcome letters are available in your SGL handbook. If you need any assistance contacting your class members, please contact Nicole Grant, who will be happy to help.

Registration Policy
Some of you may hear from students who would like you to enroll them in your class, even though your class is full. Here's the good news: you have no responsibility for the BOLLI registration process.  The BOLLI office manages all course assignment decisions, a process that we work hard to make fair by means of a lottery and wait list system. Please direct students interested in joining your class to Nicole Grant (nicolegrant@brandeis.edu or 781-736-2992).  Questions about this policy can be directed to me at abernstein@brandeis.edu.

For a complete semester schedule, including breaks and holidays, please click here.


Please click here for the SGL Handbook.

Study Group Support Committee

The Study Group Support Committee is comprised of BOLLI members who are current or former SGLs, members with educational backgrounds, and/or members who are strongly committed to the BOLLI peer-led community. It is the aim of the BOLLI Study Group Support Committee to help SGLs provide optimal teaching and learning experiences for their course participants. Please visit the SGSC website for more information.

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