The University Color

The official Brandeis University color is navy blue.

This Brandeis blue should be used frequently on all communications and marketing materials, ranging from print publications to websites and clothing. Colors are an important tool for building school pride and awareness.

Color Overview

For Print

3 swatches: Pantone 294, Pantone 294C and CMYK colorPantone (PMS)

Solid ink color made by Pantone that is used for offset printing.

  • PMS 294 Uncoated (U) / PMS 294 Coated (C)

Process Colors (CMYK)

Four-color process build that can be used for offset or digital printing.

  • Process Colors (CMYK): 100 / 86 / 14 / 24
For Digital Use

Blue hexagon with 003478Color builds for screens such as desktop monitors or mobile devices.

  • Hexadecimal: # 003478
  • RGB: 0 / 52 / 120