Our brand is more than what we say about Brandeis in a brochure, or the logo you see on a sweatshirt. It reflects who we are and what we do as a community and as an institution.

But Brandeis, like most colleges and universities, is a complex organization. With our numerous departments, offices, clubs, courses and centers, we are much more than a single thing or an individual experience. Collectively, we share countless messages and images about Brandeis with those on campus and around the world. Our brand platform is how we keep the university’s communications connected, consistent and clear. It is also the framework that helps differentiate us from others, serving as the foundation upon which we develop external communications and awareness-building campaigns to engage our target audiences.

Brand Components

The Brandeis brand platform includes two main components: a brand narrative that describes our core features and personality, and a visual identity system that includes graphic elements like our official logo, color and fonts.