Past Speakers

Doris Dörrie
Dörrie is one of the most famous living German filmmakers opera producers, and authors. Her work includes mainstream comedy successes like Männer (Men) as well as socially critical works such as Happy Birthday, Türke

Joschka Fischer

Joschka Fischer
Former German Foreign Minister
Fischer delivered a sweeping critique of current United States foreign policy, calling on the United States to engage Syria and Iran, and to lead a reinvigoration of Israeli-Palestinian peace negotiations.

Wibke BrunsWibke Bruns
Burns discussed her book Meines Vaters Land, which has come out in the English translation My Father's Country.

Antje ReichelAntje Reichel
Musicologist of Priglitz-Museum Havelberg
Reichel joined members of the Boston Area Jewish-German Dialogue Groups to discuss their experience with over a decade of German government sponsored trips to Berlin.