Armed Subject

BENS Alert: Armed subject on campus. Take shelter; lock doors, windows; silence cell phone and remain quiet. Don't let anyone in room until area cleared by authorities. - Posted 11/20/17, 11:54 PM EST

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Shahar Hecht, MA Shahar Hecht
Senior Research Associate

Shahar Hecht is a senior research associate at CMJS. She received a joint BA in Psychology and Business Administration from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, where she also received an MA in Criminology. At CMJS, she is the project manager for the Birthright Israel evaluations and the Jewish Futures Project. She has worked on the evaluation of Birthright Israel international programs and on a study of Israelis who participate in Birthright Israel. In addition to Birthright Israel projects, she has contributed to numerous other studies, including a study of Jewish young adults on college campuses and an evaluation of the needs of Nazi victims.

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