Waltham: The More You Know

Waltham: The More You Know is a training created by the Department of Community Service and the Community Engagement Ambassadors to allow Brandeis students volunteering in Waltham to think critically about their roles as students and volunteers in the Waltham community. The program uses infographics, maps, and video presentations to give students insight into the diversity, strengths, history, and needs of the community they now call home.

As volunteers, Brandeis students act as liaisons between the Brandeis community and the Waltham community. This training prepares students with essential knowledge about the communities they are engaging, while catalyzing them to be more intentional about how they teach, learn, listen and engage with the Waltham community. Waltham: The More You Know is mandatory for all volunteers in Waltham Group service clubs and is recommended for anyone working with the Waltham community.

For questions, please contact the Department of Community Service at 781-736-3237 or email Colby Sim.

Spring 2020 Dates

  • Sunday, February 2 | 4pm - 5:30pm | Shapiro Campus Center MPR 

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