Programs and Fellowships

Video of leadership opportunities from Department of Community Service

DCS Leadership Opportunities

Learn more about the leadership opportunities through the Department of Community Service! This video, made by the 2019-2020 Community Engagement Ambassadors, details the different leadership opportunities to get involved in while at Brandeis!

Rich/Collins Community Leadership and Impact Fellowship (R/C CLIF)

The R/C CLIF is a mini-grant that gives students the opportunity to develop and implement a community impact project over one academic semester. The mini-grants, ranging from $500-$4,000, enable students to partner with the local community, reflect upon their programs, and provide immediate support to an important cause.

Community Engagement Ambassador Program (CEAP)

Each year, four students with strong leadership skills and a demonstrated commitment to community engagement will be selected to serve as ambassadors. As part of a prestigious leadership cohort, these ambassadors will work with Department of Community Service staff to build the capacity of all Brandeis community service clubs. Community Engagement Ambassadors contribute 6-7 hours to the role each week during the academic year and are paid hourly.

Two-Credit Waltham Group Practicum

This two-credit experiential learning practicum course is designed to provide students with opportunities to think critically about their leadership in the Waltham Group as it relates to community engagement. Divided into four units — Foundations of Service, Responsible Leadership, Theory and Policy, and Development — the academic content will complement the work students are doing in their organizations and support their leadership roles. The hands-on volunteer work students perform each week will serve as the foundation for a project and presentation at the end of the semester.

Waltham: The More You Know Program

Waltham: The More You Know is a training created by the Department of Community Service and the Community Engagement Ambassadors to allow Brandeis students volunteering in Waltham to think critically about their roles as students and volunteers in the Waltham community. The program uses infographics, maps, and video presentations to give students insight into the diversity, strengths, history, and needs of the community they now call home.

Commitment to Service Award Program (CTSA)

This program encourages students to engage in community service further impacting their Brandeis experience while addressing community needs. Service will be used as a means to explore careers, apply course work, fulfill personal values, and develop meaningful relationships. The program adds many benefits to the community and university, while offering an opportunity to celebrate our student’s commitment to social justice and service deepening the roots of their journeys beyond Brandeis. Students who reach different tiers of hours logged will receive a Commitment to Service medal to wear at graduation.