Funding Your Volunteer Programs

To be eligible for funds available through the Student Union, you must be a Student Union-recognized club.

The Department of Community Service can help you identify possible sources of grant funding.

General Tips on Soliciting Funds or Donations

How to Solicit Donations

  1. Start early; it often takes 2-3 months to arrange for donations, especially from corporations

  2. Making your first contact…

    • Call the organization and get a contact name (manager, PR person, owner, etc) and a correct mailing address.

    • Talk to the contact person, introduce yourself, your position and what you are doing, mention why they might be interested in donating, for example, publicity.

    • Tell them you are going to send a formal letter explaining the program and the donation request in detail.

    • If it feels appropriate and they sound interested, ask for a donation then instead of offering to send a letter.

  3. Send Formal Letter. Samples letters are available on request from the Department of Community Service.

  4. Send Confirmation Letter/ Reminder Call

    • “Hello, my name is _______ and I sent you a letter about a donation 1 week ago. I wanted to follow-up to see if you have had a chance to look at it and if I can answer any questions for you.”

    • Find out if they need any information from you: tax id number, paperwork they need submitted, etc.

  5. Send a thank you letter. Include publicity materials, information about the program or event, photos, etc.

Final Notes on Fundraising