Being Prepared for Isolation

For Students Living on Campus

Despite the care that each student takes to protect themselves and others through masking and staying home when they feel unwell, exposure to COVID may still happen and you could test positive to COVID while you are living on campus.

Please carefully read this section to ensure that you bring with you and have on hand everything you will need to complete your isolation with the minimum of discomfort. Most students who are not severely sick will isolate in their own rooms and will be able to go pick up their meals outdoors using the Grab-and-Go app. If students become very sick, have living situations, or are unable to retrieve their own meals outdoors, they will be moved to isolation housing, where meals will be delivered to them–this will be determined by the Contact Tracing Team.

Items Needed for Isolation

All students living in an on-campus residence hall should have prepared the following items in preparation for isolation: