Financial Aid

Changes in Financial Need

Brandeis will continue to meet the demonstrated financial needs of our students and have set aside additional financial aid funding. We urge those students and families whose financial situations have recently changed to immediately contact Student Financial Services so that their financial aid packages can be reviewed and revised appropriately. We hope that this step will support us in our goal of ensuring that students from every background, regardless of financial need, can find a home here.

Tuition, Fees, Room and Board

For the 2020-2021 academic year, there will be no increase in undergraduate or graduate tuition rates; there will be no lab or studio art fees; and there will be no increase in room and board fees (residence halls and dining). Please note that first-year and incoming transfer students may see an adjustment to their financial aid packages based on the updated tuition figures and fees.

Tuition Reductions and Refunds

No additional reduction in tuition will be made due to the hybrid mode of instruction. This is for two reasons. First, despite the hardships imposed by the pandemic, we are continuing to deliver the high-quality academic programs and services that our students and their families expect. Our students continue to have access to the many services and elements that make Brandeis an outstanding education and experience. The faculty and administration of our schools are deeply committed to enriching in-person, virtual and hybrid instruction so that students receive the benefits accruing from a rigorous academic experience, complemented by a compelling community experience.

Second, the university’s costs are not going down. The costs of providing a Brandeis-quality educational experience have increased, not diminished, in light of the pandemic. Nor does our model of instruction this year seek to reduce costs; to the contrary, we are using technology to enhance the Brandeis experience and provide as much individual engagement with students as possible. Moreover, we expect that our students will continue to experience significant benefits from all that they will learn at Brandeis and the network that they establish as Brandeis students.

Likewise, there will be no refund of tuition or other fees in the event that Brandeis determines that all courses must move to a virtual format.

In the event that students are required by the university to permanently vacate their on-campus housing before the end of the housing license period, we will provide a pro-rated refund of room and board charges. Students may request partial refunds of the unused portions of meal plans if the university decides to close the dining halls for the remainder of the academic year. Students who are approved to remain on campus despite the closure will be responsible for housing fees for the duration of their stay.

The general refund schedule for student withdrawals is available on our refund policy page. This policy remains in effect during 2020-21.

Affording Hardware, Software, Supplies

Undergraduate students and graduate students from Heller, IBS and GPS should contact Student Financial Services to discuss options for the purchase of equipment and other technology needs. Graduate School of Arts and Sciences students should contact Monique Howell in GSAS.