Victory and defeat

Al-Ahram - September 11, 2014

We were students at the time of the June 1967 defeat. In spite of the magnitude of the loss, Egyptian people were set on resistance. It was a collective resolve and it was translated into practical measures that were immediately set into motion. The first was to work as quickly as possible how to rescue the cotton crop, which was on the verge of ruin because of the turbulence. Then people began to join popular resistance brigades.

We were trained in Al-Dakhila, an area near Alexandria. We had not imagined that the occupation of the Sinai would last six years. We somehow had the impression that we would soon engage in battle. When the new scholastic year began, our focus was trained on sustaining the national mobilisation in anticipation of the awaited day of liberation.

Our first demonstrations demanding war took place in February 1967. President Gamal Abdel-Nasser responded with the 30 March programme, after which we channelled our efforts into the political process that would prepare the country for war. Together with students of journalism at the university, I took part in the production of a daily newspaper for the National Convention of the Arab Socialist Union. To my great surprise, I found that quite a few of my colleagues at that newspaper believed that we had won the 1967 war! ... Read the Full Text