David Siddhartha Patel

Shai Feldman

Judith and Sidney Swartz Director of the Crown Center


Khalil Shikaki

Goldman Senior Fellow at the Crown Center and Director of the Palestinian Center for Policy and Survey Research (PCPSR) in Ramallah


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Israel and the Palestinians: Sliding toward a One-State Reality

Shai Feldman and Khalil Shikaki
Middle East Brief 104, December 2016


The "two-state paradigm" that for decades comprised the basis of almost all discussions about resolving the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, is losing its relevance. What will replace it is a "one-state reality" - the de-facto transformation of the area between the Mediterranean Sea and the Jordan River into one political unit. This Brief analyzes the trajectories in the conflict's global and regional environments as well as in the Israeli and Palestinian domestic scenes that currently drive the slide toward this new reality. It also elaborates the considerable costs that are likely to be associated with this slide for Israelis and Palestinians.

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