Senior Thesis Topics

Following is a list of students and their thesis topics from past years:


Aliya Bean, "These Girlish Devotions: Women's Colleges, the Evolution of Female Friendship, and the Development of Lesbian Identity (1890-1939)"

Noah Coolidge, "Profit and Power: The Revolutionary Forces Behind American Middle Class Ideology"

Nathan Goldwag, "When the West Looked East: British Observations on the Russo-Japanese"

Arielle Gordon, "The Woman with a Gun: A History of the Iranian Revolution's Most Famous Icon"

Catherine Rosch, "Irish Blood, American Heart, The Development of the Irish-American Political Identity and Political Power and its Effect on the Good Friday Agreement"

Veronica Saltzman, "Breaking Through the Red Line: The NAACP'S Litigation Strategy for Combating Housing Discrimination Between 1909-1948"

Robert Santamaria, "The Imperial Russian Navy in the First World War: The Myth and the Reality"

Zoe Waldman, "Toward the Heart of America: The Royal Proclamation of 1763 and the Development of American Identity"


Michael Abrams, "What the Land and People Have Been Devastated For: The Civilian Experience During the Thirty Years' War"

Jason Desimone, "The Illegitimacy of Sterilization: the Merging of Welfare and Eugenics in North Carolina, 1929-2015"

Ryan Kacani, "Ragnar Lothbrok and the Semi-Legendary History of Denmark"

Jordan Roth, "Heterodoxy and Orthodox Conceptions of the Good Life: Egyptian Monasticism in the Fourth and Fifth Centuries"

Danielle Stubbe, "Articulating Relativism: An Intellectual History of Relativist Anthropology in the Work of Franz Boas, 1883-1928"

Zi Jing Teoh, "The Chinese Business: A History of Chinese Immigration to the Northeastern United States through the U.S.-Canadian Border in the Early Chinese Exclusion Era, 1882-1910"


Dustin Aaron, "Coffrets Composites: Trade, Craft and Interpretation of Gothic Ivory Caskets in Northern Europe"

Katherine Doody, "The Roots of Radicalism: How Brandeis in the 1950s Helped Spark the Movements of the 1960s"

Jonathan Epstein, "Congressional Voting on the Underwood Tariff of 1913: An Econometric Analysis"

Malorie Letcavage, "Masculine Star Personas as Historical Product: History's Influence on the Legendary Figures of Bogart, Dean and Wayne"

Omri Nimni, "From Red Crests to Frontier Wolves: The Passage of Britain from Rome to the Anglo-Saxons"

Lee Nisson, "Acknowledging Plunder: The Consequences of How the United States Acquired Japanese and German Technological Secrets After WWII"

Benjamin Schmidt, "The Fate of Henry I's 'New Men' and Inheritance Rights in Anglo-Norman England from 1120-1154"

Xiaoyi Yu, "Idealistic or Practical: Maoist Ideology in the PRC before 1978"


Marc Alsina, "Argentine Political Law and the Recurring Breakdown of Democracy"

Alexis Brooks, "Victors' Justice Robert Jackson, the American Press, and the Nuremberg Trials"

Debra Friedmann, "The Success of Antipater and Herod as Intermediaries Between Rome and Judea"

Max Goldstein, "A New Elizabethan England: The Golden Age of Barbary Pirates"

Jonathan Ostrowsky, "Evolving Public Attitudes: The Rise and Fall of Compulsory Sterilization of The Intellectually Disabled in the United States"

Alex Self, "The Rise and Fall of the Bloody Code"


Marc Eder, "A Survey of Factors Leading to the 1882 British Invasion of Egypt"

Adam Cohen, "Consequences for Our Actions: American Decision Makers and U.S. Policy Towards Afghanistan from the Soviet Invasion to the Rise of the Taliban"

Alexander Katz, "The Cousins' War"

Jonathan Megerian, "His Wisdom Resulted in Peace: The Norman Conquest of 1066 and the Birth of the General Eyre"

Dina Nathanson, "When It Plagues It Pours: Alternative Perspectives on the Virulence of the Black Death"

Felege-Selam Yirga, "Byzantine Mentalities: An Examination of the Social and Cultural Factors of the 1204 Conquest of Constantinople"