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Judaic Studies Track

A minimum of nine semester courses, apart from the courses taken to fulfill the fourth semester language requirement, are required for this major. A single course may fulfill requirements in multiple categories.

A. Distribution Requirement: Students must complete one course in each of the following three chronological periods:

FYS 18a, 45a, NEJS 9a, 10a, 29a, 101a, 101b, 102a, 103a, 104a, 105a, 106b, 110b, 111a, 112a, 113a, 113b, 114b, 115b, 116a, 117b, 118b, 121b, 122b, 123b.

Early Post-Biblical, Rabbinic, and Medieval Judaism
IMES 104a, NEJS 3a, 25a, 123b, 124a, 125b, 126a, 126b, 127a, 127b, 128a, 130a, 140a, 140b, 144a, 149a, 155a, 155b, 166a, 166b, 177b, 179b, 186a, 186b, 188b, 190b, 194b, 195a, 196b, 197a.

Modern and Contemporary Jewish Studies
FA 76a, FYS 28b, 47a, IMES 105a, NEJS 29a, 72a, 133a, 134b, 135a, 137a, 137b, 141a, 142a, 142b, 144a, 145a, 146a, 147a, 153a, 153b, 154a, 154b, 158b, 159a, 159b, 162a, 162b, 164a, 164b, 165b, 166a, 166b, 167a, 169a, 170a, 170b, 171a, 171b, 173a, 173b, 174a, 175a, 176a, 177a, 178a, 178b, 179b, 180b, 181a, 181b, 182a, 183a, 184a, 185a, 185b, 187a, 189a, 190a, 191b, 193b, 195a, 197b, YDSH 10a, 20b, 30a, 40b.

B. Comparative Requirement: Students must complete one course that provides a comparative context for Judaic Studies in either 1) Ancient Near East, 2) Christianity, or 3) Islam. NEJS 3a, 9a, 116a, 128a, 130a, 186a, 186b, 188b, 190b, 194b, and 197a fulfill this requirement. Consult the Undergraduate Advising Head concerning courses outside NEJS that may also fulfill this requirement.

C. Hebrew Language Requirement: Students must complete any fourth-semester or higher Hebrew course. Exemptions will be granted to those students who place out on the basis of the Hebrew placement test administered by the Hebrew program at Brandeis.

D. Text-intensive Requirement: Students must complete one advanced NEJS course either in Modern Hebrew Literature or in Classical Hebrew Texts including: NEJS 110b, 112a, 113a, 114b, 118b, 121b, 122b, 123b, 125b, 126a, 126b, 127b, 173a, 174a, 174b, 178a.