Questions to Help with Planning

Questions that might facilitate planning with the candidate include (but are not limited to):


Creates inclusion for

Is there a time you prefer to have a break in the day? Nursing parents; single parents; those with medical conditions/medications to take.
The dean’s office is X buildings away from where you’ll do the bulk of your day. Does 15 minutes seem like enough time to travel between those buildings? Candidates with physical constraints or chronic pain.
Would you prefer to see the rooms you’re teaching/talking in ahead of time? Is the morning of soon enough or should we try to arrange a time to see it when you arrive? Candidates with a range of neurodiversity; candidates with physical constraints.
Are there additional units on campus you’d like to talk with? Candidates from multiply marginalized gender, sexuality, racial, ethnic or ability groups.
Are there particular types of food you’d like to avoid for health or dietary reasons? Are there foods you are particularly keen on? Candidates with medical conditions; candidates from particular religious groups; class diversity.
When do you typically eat dinner? A 7 p.m. dinner would get you back to the hotel by 9 p.m. — is that too late? Candidates with medical conditions; parents; candidates from particular religious groups.
Do you prefer to be picked up at the airport by a committee member or would you prefer to secure an uber, lyft, or taxicab? Candidates with medical conditions that require medication to fly; candidates from lower socio-economic statuses; gender diverse candidates.
Would you like to meet with a specialist in our benefits office? Candidates with medical conditions or with families; candidates from lower socio-economic statuses.
Do you need a pet-friendly hotel and/or accommodations for a support animal?

Candidates with service animals or other support pets. 

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