East Asian Studies Program

Bachelor of Arts in East Asian Studies

The East Asian Studies program is designed to expose you to a wide range of history, perspective and contemporary challenges relating to East Asia’s societies and cultures. Courses offer a full range of instruction in Chinese, Japanese or Korean, helping you create a foundation for a career in government, academics, international relations, international business, journalism, trade, finance, industry, law and diplomacy in the 21st century. With the purpose of broadening, deepening and integrating our students’ understanding of East Asia, the program draws on a wide range of Brandeis faculty in the social sciences, including anthropology, economics, history and politics, and in the humanities and creative arts, including literature, art, music and religion.

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“Professor Matthew Fraleigh really welcomed each student into the world of classical East Asian poetry. His vast knowledge and passion for the subject material made each class fascinating to sit through — especially for someone like me, who has little understanding of East Asian studies. ”

“Classical East Asian Poetics” Student