Lab Frequently Asked Questions

  • Guidance Questions
    • Can I bring my kids into the lab? - Generally the EH&S Department strongly recommends that children not be brought into a lab, however your specific department should be consulted for definitive guidance.
    • Can I bring my pet (dog) into the lab?- Generally the EH&S Department recommends against bringing pets into the lab environment, including dogs. IF you feel you need to contact your PI or Department chair prior to bringing an animal in. Dogs should be brought in and out on a leash and while in the lab environment should be under the owners control (i.e. In an office or in a cage).
  • How to...
    • How do I handle hazardous waste from my lab? Contact the Hazardous waste hotline at 6-2561 and leave a detailed message. Technicians are on site Monday and Thursday every week. Please be patient and if a week passes please contact the EH&S Department and it will follow up for you.
    • How do I dispose of material down the sink?
    • How do I get my fume hood or biosafety cabinet checked?
  • Safety

Any questions? Post your question to the EH&S Department.