Is all of your hazardous waste properly labeled?

Waste label 

Hazardous & Universal Waste



The State of Massachusetts has been authorized to enforce hazardous waste regulations. These regulations can be found on the Department of Environmental Protection web site.

If you have a specific question about whether what you might generate is a hazardous waste contact the EH&S Department by calling, emailing, or posting a question on the Ask a Question section of this site.

Contact the Hazardous Waste Hotline at 62561 if you need to:

  1. Set up a hazardous waste storage area;
  2. Request additional labels or containers;
  3. Have hazardous waste picked up;
  4. Have biohazard material picked up;
  5. Have any special waste request.

Hazardous Waste Compliance Information

Weekly Hazardous Waste Area Inspection Form (Excel file, open and print)


The following material are regulated as Universal Waste

  • Hazardous batteries, primary nickel cadmium (NiCd), and button batteries;
  • mercury-containing devices, such as thermostats, manometers, switches, water meters, thermometers, and gauges;
  • mercury-containing lamps, such as fluorescent lamps; and
  • hazardous waste pesticides.

Contact the EH&S Department before disposing of any of these materials. Collection areas and programs are already established on campus.


Recycling programs have also been established for additional material on campus. Contact the Department for information on recycling of the following:

  • Paper & cardboard
  • Electronics
  • Cathode ray tubes (computer monitors and televisions)
  • Scrap metal