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The Writing Center offers feedback from experienced and supportive graduate-student consultants who will address macro-level writing issues (e.g., structure, scope, organization, style), and micro-level concerns (e.g., punctuation, semantics, syntax, vocabulary).

Come to the Writing Center and let us help you make good writing great!

Writing is an ongoing process of thinking, editing and revising that is never finished. It is often quite personal, and your process might look very different from someone else's. However, writing need not happen in isolation; in fact, collaboration helps writers become more confident.

The University Writing Center is the driving force of writing support on campus; it is the place to talk about your writing and to get an extra pair of eyes on your paper. We offer support for writers of all levels in all subjects, working on anything from your first college essays to lab reports, senior theses, dissertations and job and fellowship materials. Our expert team of consultants is on hand to help you with your writing project at any stage, even when you do not yet have any writing to show:

Understanding your assignment

Our consultants can help you parse the language of your assignment to better understand the requirements and expectations of the task at hand. An appointment that focuses on understanding your assignment will uncover potential avenues of exploration, help to identify and refine potential research questions, and point you in the direction of future work. This type of consultation occurs in a face-to-face appointment.

Outlining and brainstorming

Our consultants can support your pre-writing by offering you the space to brainstorm, sketch out rough plans or detailed outlines, and help you to make sense of your own thoughts and ideas. This type of consultation occurs in a face-to-face appointment.

Drafts and revision

Once you have made a start on your writing, our consultants can work with you to develop your ideas further and to address your writing concerns. Whether you want support on the organization of your writing, or need someone to hear you read your paper aloud, our consultants can help you make your writing stronger. Depending on your particular need, this type of consultation can occur face-to-face or via document drop.

In addition to individualized support, the Writing Center also hosts numerous events, including workshops, which are open to all and which can be tailored to specific classes or needs. For more information, contact us at the addresses below.

Make an Appointment

To schedule an appointment, visit and register for an account. 


  • 9 a.m.-5 p.m. Monday-Friday during the Fall and Spring semesters


Goldfarb Library, Suite 232 on the Mezzanine level. You can find us behind the stacks between the Meditation Room, bathrooms and the Brandeis University Press offices.

FAQ: What to Expect During Your Visit

The Writing Center Commitment

The Writing Center is a teaching space designed to help writers become more confident, which is why we aim to cultivate a safe and respectful environment in which students' and consultants' questions and concerns are heard and addressed. To accomplish this goal, our consultants partner with writers to develop self-correction strategies and actionable steps for revision.

Our primary focus is on expanding a writer's skill set rather than merely polishing a specific piece of writing. We believe that productive consultations are the result of a thoughtful and constructive exchange between consultants and writers, during which writers take the initiative, reflect on the writing process and think beyond an individual assignment.

“It was a really fun experience. Not only was it helpful, but it also boosted my confidence in my submission.”

Writing Center Student