Crowd Management Plan

Plan Application

  1. This Crowd Management Plan has been established to comply with the requirements of 527 CMR 10.00. Brandeis University shall ensure that places of assembly on campus that are subject to this plan are inspected according to the Crowd Management Plan checklist and corrective actions completed in a timely manner by the appropriate party.
  2. Crowd Manager, Locations & Frequency (Crowd Manager must be at least 21 years old.)
Crowd Manager Responsible Locations Frequency
Conference and Events Staff Levin Ballroom
Sherman Function Hall
Levin and Sherman Hall must be inspected prior to each event. (>50 people and/or when alcohol is served)
Student Activities Staff Levin Ballroom
Sherman Function Hall
Levin and Sherman Hall must be inspected prior to each event.
Faculty Club Staff (Sodexo) Faculty Club The Faculty Club must be inspected weekly.
The Stein Staff (Sodexo) The Stein (Sherman/Hassenfeld building) The Stein must be inspected every day it opens.
Sherman Function Hall (Sodexo) TPH Sherman Function Hall
(Sherman/Hassenfeld building)
Sherman Hall must be inspected prior to each event.


The following carrying capacities apply to each location.

Corrective and Preventive Actions

Record of inspection shall be maintained by use of the Inspection of Assembly Use checklist (pdf).

Crowd managers must ensure that any non-conforming issue found during an inspection is corrected in a timely manner. Facility issues must be followed up with a Work Order to ensure that the Facilities Department can track and complete the work.

Questions about the Certificate of Inspection should be directed to the Environmental Health & Safety Department, 6-4262.

Emergency Egress obstructions must be corrected prior to the event (i.e. blocked/partially blocked exits, snow removal etc.).

Crowd Managers (Departments) are responsible for ensuring that the person(s) responsible for completing the Inspection Form are competent and have had the form reviewed with a responsible department employee. The Crowd Manager/person responsible for completing the Inspection must also have the authority to ensure that corrective and preventive actions are taken or are aware of and communicate to a responsible person the actions needed to correct any findings.

Records and Training

Inspection forms shall be maintained by the Crowd Manager/Department for a minimum of one year and must be available for inspection.

Crowd managers must complete online Department of Fire Services (DFS) training every three years. This becomes effective June 1, 2011. The training program is available on the DFS website. Copies of your records of training must be sent to the EH&S Department.

Revisions to the Plan

Annual review will take place to evaluate the effectiveness and possible improvements to this plan after its implementation. The Brandeis EH&S Office will conduct the review.