A Weeklong Festival of Social Justice

Social justice. It’s one of four pillars of Brandeis University, and is an ethos that permeates a great deal of what happens on campus. “What if…” asked a student in an early planning meeting for what became ‘DEIS Impact. What if we had a festival of social justice? What if clubs and professors from all around campus came together to examine what “social justice” really means from a variety of perspectives, and to celebrate the ways Brandeisians contribute to making the world better?

Thus was born ‘DEIS Impact! Exploring social justice on campus and around the world – a unique collaboration between the Student Union and the International Center for Ethics, Justice and Public Life.

Student clubs responded, from Positive Foundations to the Tae Kwon Do club to the Brandeis Academic Debate and Speech Society (BADASS) to the Brandeis Playback [Theater] Society. Faculty members from a variety of disciplines proposed events. Topics ranged from global health, to climate change, to the meaning of social justice in ancient texts. More than two dozen events – talks, performances, exhibits, videos, workshops, discussions, a family read-in, a vigil – came together to make this week an exciting milestone in the history of Brandeis University’s commitment to social justice.

’DEIS Impact! has built on the passionate discussion and action already happening at Brandeis. The festival of social justice has allowed the campus community to celebrate and explore the many ways people can work together to change the world, and look ahead to what still needs to be done.