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'DEIS Impact features events planned by Brandeis University community members. 

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"I see 'DEIS Impact as not only being extremely informative - though that is a super important aspect - but I see it as a chance to generate quality discourse and discussion about these issues, while also motivating students, faculty, and the larger campus community to pursue these issues further. I have thoroughly enjoyed the events I have attended over the past few years.” -Brad Burns. '15, 'DEIS Impacter

Meet the Brandeis Social Justice Heroes of the 'DEIS Impacters! Visit the blog.

'DEIS Impact Organizers 2016

Core Committee: The 'DEIS Impacters

  • Lindsay Mitnik '16 (chair)
  • Emily Conrad '17 (vice chair)
  • Eva Ahmad ‘16
  • Jennifer Almodovar Jimenez ‘18
  • Ziyang Chen ‘18
  • Annie Fortnow '17 (fall)
  • Yeng Her ‘16
  • Devon Kennedy ‘17
  • Kris Labovitch ’17 (spring)
  • Rebecca Mitchell ‘16
  • Michelle Oberman ‘17
  • Hannah Recknor ‘19
  • Hannah Sussman ‘19
  • Danni Tang ‘19

Learn more about 'DEIS Impacters here.

'DEIS Impact Steering Committee

  • Bethlehem Seifu Belaineh '16, Student Union rep
  • Emily Conrad ’17, Student Union rep and 'DEIS Impacter vice chair
  • Nyah Macklin '16, Student Union President
  • Marci McPhee, Ethics Center
  • Lindsay Mitnik '17, 'DEIS Impacter chair
  • Suzannah Scanlon '14, 'DEIS Impact Publications Asst
  • Julia Sirota '18, 'DEIS Impacter (2014-15)
  • Elaine Wong, Office of the Dean of Arts and Sciences

'DEIS Impact Working Group

  • Jacob Abrams '17, Brandeis National Committee Student Ambassador
  • Jessica Basile, Graduate Student Affairs
  • Jarret Bencks, Communications
  • Beth Bernstein, Brandeis National Committee
  • Doris Breay, Heller School
  • Andrew Flagel, Students & Enrollment
  • Stephanie Grimes, Student Activities
  • Daniel Langenthal, Experiential Learning
  • Lucas Malo, Community Service
  • Gabe Margolis, Athletics
  • Marci McPhee, Ethics Center
  • Jennifer Morazes, Student Support Services
  • David Nathan, Development
  • Caroline O'Shea, Hiatt Career Center
  • Steve Pagios, Student Activities
  • Brian Quigley, Community Service
  • Sharon Rosenberg '00, Alumni Relations
  • Bill Schaller, Communications
  • Ingrid Schorr, Office of Arts
  • Rebecca Simons, Admissions
  • Elba Valerio, Intercultural Center
  • Vivekanand Pandey Vimal, Ph.D. Candidate, Neuroscience
  • Tamar Vogel, Brandeis National Committee
  • Steven Weglinski, Graduate Student Affairs
  • David Weinstein, Ethics Center
  • Tara Whitehurst, Intercultural Center
  • Elaine Wong, Office of the Dean of Arts and Sciences

Ethics Center Faculty Advisory Committee:

  • Richard Alterman, Computer Science
  • Gannit Ankori, Fine Arts; Schusterman Center for Israel Studies
  • Susan Dibble, Theater Arts
  • Irving Epstein, Chemistry
  • Gordie Fellman, Sociology; Peace, Conflict, and Coexistence Studies
  • Richard Gaskins, American Studies; Legal Studies
  • Ted Johnson, Coexistence Master’s Program in Heller
  • Kate Moran, Philosophy

Events Planned By:

  • 3D Printing Club (Deis3D)
  • Active Minds at Brandeis
  • Brandeis African Student Organization (BASO)
  • Brandeis Athletics
  • Brandeis Black Student Organization (BBSO)
  • Brandeis Business Program Undergraduate Representatives
  • Brandeis Chaplaincy
  • Brandeis Community Service Department
  • Brandeis Immigration Education Initiative
  • Brandeis Posse
  • Brandeis Prostheses Club
  • Brandeis Psychological Counseling Center (PCC)
  • Brandeis Rape Crisis Center
  • Brandeis Student Union
  • Brandeis Students for Disability Activism
  • Brandeis Students for Reproductive Justice (BSRJ) 
  • Caribbean Culture Club
  • Coexistence and Conflict Program (Heller)
  • Creativity, the Arts, and Social Transformation (CAST) program
  • Education Department
  • Eli J. Segal Citizen Leadership Program
  • Environmental Health and Justice Brandeis Semester
  • Farmer's Club
  • Habitat for Humanity
  • Harry Potter Alliance: Imagine Better
  • Health: Society, Science & Policy Program
  • Heller Gender Working Group
  • Heller LGBT Working Group
  • Hiatt Career Center
  • Hillel at Brandeis
  • Intercultural Center
  • International Center for Ethics, Justice and Public Life
  • Legal Studies Department
  • Lurie Institute for Disability Policy
  • MakerLab
  • More Than Words
  • Net Impact Brandeis (undergraduate chapter)
  • Peace, Conflict, and Coexistence Studies (PAX)
  • Queer Policy Alliance
  • Quiz Bowl Team
  • Schuster Institute for Investigative Journalism
  • Sillerman Center for the Advancement of Philanthropy
  • Social Justice Social Policy Program Undergraduate Representatives
  • STAND: the student-led movement to end mass atrocities
  • Student-Athlete Advisory Committee
  • Student Support Services Program
  • Sustainable International Development Program (Heller)
  • Triskelion
  • Virtual Reality and Game Development Club (DeisVR)
  • Waltham Family School
  • Waltham Group Brandeis Buddies
  • Waltham Group Community Connections
  • Waltham Group General Tutoring
  • Waltham Group Hunger and Homelessness
  • Waltham Group SPECTRUM
  • Waltham Group Symbiosis
  • Women and Gender Studies Department
  • Women of Color Alliance
  • Women’s Studies Research Center