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The Distinct Power of Arts to Transform Conflict

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Upcoming Events:

  • February 27-29: IMPACT is attending the Art at Risk Conference in Zurich, Switzerland
  • March 24-29: IMPACT is partnering with the International Community Arts Festival in Rotterdam, Netherlands and hosting 2 sessions
  • April 21-22: Next IMPACT Virtual Learning Exchange: An introduction to the arts, culture, and conflict transformation ecosystem


Listen: Think Tank Discussion on the Emerging ACCT Field
Hosted by the International Teaching Artist Conference (ITAC)


New Report- "Imagine IMPACT: An emerging strategy to strengthen the arts, culture, and conflict transformation ecosystem"

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New Partner: International Community Arts Festival (ICAF)
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The Distinct Power of Arts to Transform Conflict

Humanity dignifies, restores and reimagines itself through creating, performing, preserving, and revising its cultural and artistic life. In the face of violent conflict and related challenges - including environmental degradation, inequality, authoritarianism, forced migration, and marginalization - cultural heritage, cultural practices, and  the arts can be crafted to:

  • bring attention to urgent concerns and difficult truths
  • draw on local sources of strength, meaning, knowledge, and resilience
  • address conflicts
  • facilitate communication and cultivate empathy, with or without shared language
  • reconcile former enemies and work toward trust
  • resist oppression and violations of human rights
  • memorialize the past and support trauma-healing in ways that revitalize
  • imagine and give substance to a more vibrant, less violent, more rights- respecting, and peaceful future

Aesthetic experiences and cultural practices reveal values and ethical commitments, enrich learning by linking thoughts with senses and emotions, and invite new ways to make meaning by reflecting on and experimenting with paradox and complexity.

"...the power of art is not something peripheral"
- Rajesh Sampath