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IMPACT: Imagining Together

The Distinct Power of Arts to Transform Conflict

Strategic Priorities and Plans

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Upcoming Events:

  • February 27-29: IMPACT is attending the Art at Risk Conference in Zurich, Switzerland
  • March 24-29: IMPACT is partnering with the International Community Arts Festival in Rotterdam, Netherlands and hosting 2 sessions
  • April 21-22: Next IMPACT Virtual Learning Exchange: An introduction to the arts, culture, and conflict transformation ecosystem


Listen: Think Tank Discussion on the Emerging ACCT Field
Hosted by the International Teaching Artist Conference (ITAC)


New Report- "Imagine IMPACT: An emerging strategy to strengthen the arts, culture, and conflict transformation ecosystem"

impact report


New Partner: International Community Arts Festival (ICAF)
ICAF logo


Questions or ideas? Please contact IMPACT’s Project Manager Armine Avetisyan:





Baker Institute for Peace and Conflict Studies at Juniata College, Huntingdon, Pennsylvania


Maseno University in Kisumu, Kenya


New Partner -
ICAF: International Community Arts Festival
 in Rotterdam, The Netherlands

ICAF logoEvery three years at the end of March, a temporary, creative world emerges in Rotterdam filled with unique community-based art projects and artists aiming to create bridges between people from all walks of life. The International Community Arts Festival (ICAF) draws theatre, dance, music, film, and visual arts projects from every continent. It is built around the idea that community art is a worldwide, cutting edge, and highly relevant arts movement.  

The festival program offers in-depth conversations, inspiration, and exchanges during the days. The evenings are chock full with live theater, dance, film and music performances. The eighth edition of ICAF will take place from March 25 to 29, 2020.

Person writing on white board. Credit: ICAF

Photo credit: ICAF

ICAF is the largest and most prominent community arts festival in the world, fostering a growing network of worldwide community artists, arts organizations, scholars and social workers. Between festivals, ICAF organizes artist-in-residence programs, international summer schools, and acts as a partner for different international projects within the field of community arts and participatory arts.

IMPACT and ICAF have established a very important long-term partnership, rooted in the shared belief in the power of art to contribute to a safer, more equitable, and more just world. As partners, we also share the knowledge of the importance of critical reflection and a respect for the complexity of this practice.

The partnership between the two entities is already underway. In addition to the ongoing dialogue between ICAF and IMPACT, we will convene formally at the ICAF 2020 Festival in Rotterdam and IMPACT will serve a formal partner of the Festival. There will be opportunity to develop ideas and create new alliances with ICAF partners. A seminar will be hosted with artists, social workers, and potential sponsors and funders, to bring together those who do the work and those who can make the work possible by funding it. Philanthropy can contribute to a more just world by supporting artists and arts organizations, raising the visibility of their work and giving them a seat at the table. In the longer term, ICAF and IMPACT plan to continue to explore avenues to share knowledge, resources, and connections to build a diverse, worldwide platform and network for participatory arts.      


IMPACT's 18-month planning process was financially supported in large part by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation


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Imagining Together

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Questions or ideas? Please contact IMPACT’s Project Manager Armine Avetisyan: