Custodial Tasks

Auto-scrub/mop floors

Using appropriate size auto-scrub machine and following manufacturer's directions, auto-scrub area thoroughly, ensuring that corner areas are cleaned, using a mop in the areas the machine cannot reach.

Carpet extraction cleaning

After moving portable furniture and spotting and vacuuming floor, clean entire carpet with extraction machine according to manufacturer's instructions. Allow to dry overnight.

Note: Customer will be asked to pick up personal belongings prior to carpet extraction.

Chalk boards

Clean board completely in General Purpose Classrooms. Wet wipe chalk rails. Clean/Exchange erasers as necessary.

Clean/disinfect all fixtures

Restroom fixtures will be cleaned with an approved chemical.

Clean restroom partitions and doors

Wipe partitions and walls clean with approved cleaning solution.

Clean trash cans/recycling containers

Spray inside of container with approved cleaner. Wipe out and replace liner.

Clean drinking fountain

Wipe all surfaces of fixture with approved cleaner.

Detail floor — vacuum/mop

Vacuum entire floor including edge vacuuming corners, baseboards and under moveable furniture. Mop entire floor including edge mopping and under moveable furniture.