Parents and Families

Update Contact Information

Receiving University Communications

To ensure you are receiving email communications from Brandeis regarding events and information for families, please ask your student to complete the below steps.

  1. Log in to Workday.
  2. Access their student profile by clicking the blue cloud in the upper right-hand corner of the screen and click View Profile.
  3. If they have a student employee, or Worker profile in Workday, be sure to select the Student profile.
  4. Select the Friends and Family tab.

How Students Can Update Friend or Family Member Contact Information

  1. Click the Actions button on the line you’d like to make changes.
  2. Choose Edit Friends and Family to update the contact information for one of your friends and family. The name will be populated at the top of the screen.
  3. If you are only changing the contact information, choose the Contact Information tab.
  4. Select the fields you’d like to edit (address, phone, or email), then click the orange OK button once the edits are complete.

Please note, you must choose the Relationship Type (either "Next of Kin" or "Parent") from the Relationship menu in order for your contact to receive university communications.

5. To remove someone from your friends and family list, click the Remove Friends and Family option from the actions button.

6. Click the Confirm check box, then click the orange OK button.

How Students Can Add a Friend or Family Member

  1. Click the gray Add button on the friends and family screen.
  2. Choose the Relationship Type ("Next of Kin" or "Parent") from the Relationship menu.

Choosing "Next of Kin" or "Parent" will ensure the university is able to send official communications, such as family newsletters and information from senior leadership.

3. Enter the contact’s name on the Name tab, then click the Contact Information tab and enter the required information there. Click the orange OK button once you have completed the addition.

4. Click the Done button. You will see the new friend and family added to your friends and family tab.