Brandeis International Business School

The Israel Initiative

The Israel Initiative is the focal point of Brandeis International Business School's engagement with Israel's academic and entrepreneurial communities, with numerous partnerships based in both the United States and Israel.

Research & Innovation Spotlight

"Boston-Israel Cyber Ecosystem Snapshot"

Boston-Israel Cyber Ecosystem Snapshot

In 2018, Brandeis International Business School unveiled the "Boston-Israel Cyber Ecosystem Snapshot," a report by the school's researchers and 90 West detailing the growing economic impact of Israeli cybersecurity companies in Massachusetts. The report found that employment at Israeli-founded cyber firms in Massachusetts was growing four times faster than job growth statewide.

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FinTech Concentration

Brandeis International Business School announced its new FinTech concentration for students in the MSF program at the MassChallenge Israel Awards in 2018. The FinTech concentration will blend quantitative applications in financial analytics that are grounded in financial theory, state-of-the-art coding capabilities, and experiential field projects with financial technology startups in partnership with the newly-created MassChallenge FinTech accelerator.

University Partnerships

The school plays an important role in business and academic collaborations between the two countries.

Academic Programs

Israeli students from Ben-Gurion University (BGU) of the Negev’s Guilford Glazer Faculty of Business & Management who enroll in the MA and MBA programs at Brandeis International Business School can get financial support and possible credit toward work completed. A scholarship program to support Israeli students has been endowed by Georg Muzicant '89, MA'90 in memory of his cousin Michael Jellinek.

Study Abroad

Brandeis students can study abroad at Tel Aviv University or one of 18 other international universities.


The Robin '66 & Gary '66 Jacobs Israel Internship Program funds a ten-week internship program with startups in Israel. Matching funds are provided by Career Israel.

Opportunities in Israel

Brandeis students, faculty and staff at the Bahá'í Temple & Gardens in Haifa, Israel, during the 2018 Hassenfeld Overseas Immersion Program.

Brandeis students, faculty and staff at the Bahá'í Temple & Gardens in Haifa, Israel, during the 2018 Hassenfeld Overseas Immersion Program.

The International Business School has deep and growing ties with Israel's universities, businesses and society. Students can visit, study and work in Israel through a study-abroad program internships or the Hassenfeld Overseas Immersion Program.

In June 2019, undergraduates and graduate students alike visited Israel, immersing themselves in the country's thriving tech and venture capital sectors. Their eight-day tour also included stops at many of the country's cultural treasures, including a walk through the breathtaking Bahá'í Gardens and a tour of Jerusalem's Old City. The trip embodies the mission of the Hassenfeld program: enriching young business leaders by exposing them to the economy and culture of key overseas markets.

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Get Involved

Panelists speak at the Schusterman conference.

Schusterman Conference

Co-sponsored by the Asper Center for Global Entrepreneurship, attendees examined Israeli innovation "from all angles."
From left: Lior Div of Cybereason, Brandeis President Ronald Liebowitz, Udi Mokady of CyberArk

Boston-Israel Bridge

The 2018 Asper Award for Global Entrepreneurship was awarded to two Israeli CEOs who scaled their global businesses in Massachusetts.
Speaker talking to the event's participants.

FinTech Day

Students, staff and faculty explored the world of FinTech, connecting with people from India, China, Germany and Israel.

Community Engagement: From Boston to Israel

Ohad Elhelo

“It’s always about helping others,” Ohad Elhelo '16, MA'17 said.

That’s the driving force behind Our Generation Speaks, the fellowship program and incubator Elhelo founded for emerging Israeli and Palestinian leaders. He brings the budding entrepreneurs together in Boston, where they are tasked with pitching startup ideas that would help their respective communities. The experience Elhelo created uses business and economics to bridge divides between people and allow them to advocate for a common cause. 

Helping others continues to be Elhelo's inspiration, as he develops his newest entrepreneurial pursuit, a venture capital-backed mobile app called Delegate that he co-founded in 2017. He received the Brandeis Alumni Entrepreneurship Award, presented by the Asper Center for Global Entrepreneurship, an honor given annually to Brandeis alumni that best exemplify an entrepreneurial spirit and independent thinking.