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World Ready Women

Ranked number one by the Financial Times for percentage of female students and faculty

World Ready Women

Brandeis International Business School (IBS) celebrates diversity in all forms and is the proud home of leading female graduates, faculty, staff and student leaders in the fields of business, economics and finance. We are proud to lead the way toward the goal of gender parity in the workplace and in higher education with a student community comprised of 60% women.

“Be assertive in your knowledge and skills. When others see that you can deliver results, gender becomes irrelevant.”

Vera Bondarenko, MBA ’09

Alumnae Spotlights

Our current and future alumnae are trailblazing in the fields of business economics and finance. They have been hired at companies including PwC, Google, EMC, Deloitte and State Street Global.
  • Accelerated MA '18

    Nimisha Shinday

    "Be fearless in your aspirations, lead with confidence and always follow through. Never be afraid to ask for something, whether for advice or a career opportunity—the worst thing that someone can say to you is 'no'."

  • Emily Rumanek
    MA '07, MBA '09

    Emily Rumanek

    "There are times when you have to swallow your pride and take chances."

  • Pia Layon
    MBA '10

    Pia Layon

    "I don't accept that my race or gender is a hurdle. Those are my strengths, my ability to see things in a different way."

  • Kim Myers
    MA '13

    Kim Myers

    "Be willing to take risks. Push yourself. Speak up in meetings and when opportunities present themselves, take them."

  • Nisha Sheth
    MA '00

    Nisha Sheth

    "Be open to different experiences. When you're uncomfortable, that's when you grow the most."

  • Vera Bondarenko
    MBA '09

    Vera Bondarenko

    "Assert your knowledge and skills. When others see that you can deliver results, gender becomes irrelevant."

Thought Leadership from Female Faculty

Brandeis IBS has a strong tradition of accomplished female faculty with renowned expertise in business, economics and finance.

“Be seen, take risks, ask for what you want.”

Audrey Gallien, Director, Catalyst Organization

Accelerating Women's Careers Through Research and Modeling

In partnership with the Catalyst Organization, Brandeis University hosted a wide variety of female professionals who shared how they accelerated their careers in today's corporate world, using research-proven strategies.

News & Highlights

panel of female speakers from shattering glass ceilings event

Shattering Glass Ceilings: A Panel’s Perspective

Five takeaways to help you become a World Ready Woman.

Lan Xue '90, MA '91 Receives 2017 Brandeis IBS Dean's Medal

Hear directly from Lan Xue about what it means to be a female leader in the world of international banking and hedge funds.

Kate Goldfield and Viola Morse

A Tale of Two Leaders

Q&A with Kate Goldfield and Viola Morse from the Office of Academic Affairs and Student Experience.

Let the Data Do the Talking

Financial analyst and angel investor Barbara Clarke, MA ’91, does not believe that men have all the good ideas.