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Students who pursue the MA program concentration in Marketing gain a firm understanding of both theory and empirical techniques of marketing as they learn the practical applications of integrated marketing plans, communications strategy and strategic analyses in the context of economics, finance, business and global politics.

Careers in Marketing

The Marketing concentration equips MA students with the analytical, presentation and communication skills needed to succeed in a wide variety of companies and organizations. Employers have included Facebook, Havas Media Group and Merck.

Sam Sisakhti

Sam Sisakhti, MA ’07



Bernardo Tannenbaum

Bernardo Tannenbaum, MA ’14



Faculty Spotlight: Grace Zimmerman

Grace E. Zimmerman, Professor of the Practice of Marketing, is an experienced entrepreneur who launched new companies and products in undeveloped markets requiring innovative marketing and sales approaches. Companies Ms. Zimmerman has helped to launch, have gone public, or been acquired and are still employing thousands of skilled professionals.

She holds an MBA from Harvard University and has received the school’s Excellence in Teaching Award in 2007 and 2012.

Concentration Requirements

The MA concentration in Marketing requires the completion of 20 credits.

Group 1: Core Courses (8 credits)
  • BUS 252a: Marketing Management (4 credits)

  • BUS 253a: Marketing Research (4 credits)

Group 2: Marketing Electives (8 credits)
  • BUS 254a: Branding Strategy (4 credits)
  • BUS 255a: Consumer Behavior (4 credits)
  • BUS 256a: Marketing Analytics (4 credits)
  • BUS 257f: Social Media & Analytics (2 credits)
  • BUS 258f: Sales and Sales Management (2 credits)
  • BUS 259f: Digital Marketing (2 credits)
Group 3: Electives (4 credits)
  • BUS 233a: Entrepreneurship and Rapid Prototyping (4 credits)
  • BUS 243a: Introduction to New Language Processing (4 credits)
  • BUS 260a: Competition and Strategy (4 credits)
  • BUS 263a: Strategy and Innovation (4 credits)
  • ECON/BUS 265a: Business & Economic Strategies in Emerging Markets (4 credits)
  • BUS 211a: Foundations of Data Analytics (4 credits)
  • BUS 212a: Big Data II (4 credits)
  • BUS 240f: Information Visualization (2 credits)
  • BUS 275a: Introduction to Negotiations (4 credits)

Or any course from groups 1 and 2 not taken to satisfy those requirements

Capstone (4 credits)
  • BUS 292a: Marketing Field Project (4 credits)
  • BUS 295a: Social Impact Innovation Field Projects (4 credits)


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