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The MBA concentration in Finance prepares students to analyze and manage corporate financial decisions, valuation, investment risks and financial market instruments. Students gain a deep understanding of global financial markets and economics.

Careers in Finance

Finance careers include investment banking, mergers and acquisitions, transfer pricing, private equity and corporate financial operations. Employers who commonly hire Brandeis IBS graduates in these fields include Deloitte, Bain Capital, Ernst & Young, and McKinsey & Company.

Vera Bondarenko

Vera Bondarenko

Dell EMC

Director, Financial Analysis

Werner de Merode

Werner de Merode

McKinsey & Co.

Finance Manager

Faculty Spotlight: Daniel Bergstresser

Daniel Bergstresser conducts research on municipal finance and the impact of taxation, regulation and market structure on financial markets.

He was head of European credit research for Barclays Global Investors while on leave from the Harvard Business School faculty and has also worked for the Federal Reserve Board in Washington, D.C.

Concentration Requirements

A total of 22 credits is required to complete the MBA concentration in Finance. These credits may also be counted toward fulfilment of other concentrations or of the MBA core requirements. Excess credits in foundation courses are counted toward the electives requirement.
Foundation (8 credits required)
  • FIN 201a: Investments (prerequisite some elective courses)

  • Fin 202a Corporate Finance (Fin 203a may meet this requirement if a student earns a B+ or better)

Electives (14 credits required)
  • BUS 262a: Alliance, Acquisition, and Divestment Strategies
  • BUS 278f: Corporate Governance
  • BUS 279f: Corporate Fraud: Detection and Prevention
  • BUS 295a:* Field Projects in Social Impact Organizations (Finance project)
  • FIN 213a: Intermediate Financial Accounting
  • FIN 214a: Managerial Accounting
  • FIN 217f: Corporate Financial Modeling
  • FIN 218f:** Portfolio Financial Modeling
  • FIN 216f: Financial Statement Analysis
  • FIN 231f: Private Equity
  • FIN 234a: Social Impact Investing
  • FIN 237f:** Security Analysis
  • FIN 241f: Financial Planning and Control
  • FIN 232a: Mergers & Acquisitions
  • FIN 240a: Venture Capital and Entrepreneurial Finance
  • FIN 242f: Credit Risk Analysis
  • FIN 244f: Credit Risk Analysis II
  • FIN 248f: Advanced Corporate Finance
  • FIN 261a:** Fixed Income Securities
  • FIN 263a:** International Portfolio Management
  • FIN 270a:** Options & Derivatives
  • FIN 279a: Applied Risk Management
  • FIN 293a:* Field Projects in Finance
  • FIN 280a:** Financial Risk Management
  • FIN 285a: Computer Simulation & Risk Assessment
  • FIN 288a: Corporate Financial Engineering

* BUS 295c and FIN 293a are Field Projects courses – only one can be counted toward this concentration.

** FIN 201a is a prerequisite for these courses.

*** Fin 201a and Fin 202a are pre-requisites for this course.


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