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Students in the MBA Marketing concentration learn to use research, social media, advertising, business and psychology to help a business address the needs of its target market. This concentration equips MBA students with skills for a marketing career while also creating a broader understanding of business.

Careers in Marketing

The MBA Marketing concentration is intended for students seeking a career in marketing and communications. The career paths in marketing span startups to multinational corporations and include product and brand management, marketing consulting and advertising as well as sales and market research analysis. Brandeis IBS graduates have successfully taken on marketing roles at companies such as IBM,, Dell, Apple, EMC Corp., and International Data Corp.
Shweta Raisoni

Shweta Raisoni


Product Specialist

Anna Guelzim

Anna Guelzim

Wilson Sporting Goods Co.

Senior Manager Global Marketing and Partnerships

Nils Teissier du Cros

Nils Teissier du Cros


Wine Product Manager

Faculty Spotlight: Grace Zimmerman

Grace E. Zimmerman, Professor of the Practice of Marketing, is an experienced entrepreneur who launched new companies and products in undeveloped markets requiring innovative marketing and sales approaches.

She received the school’s Excellence in Teaching Award in 2007 and 2012.

Concentration Requirements

The MBA concentration in Marketing requires the completion of 20 credits. These credits may also be counted toward fulfilment of other concentrations or of the MBA core requirements. Excess credits in foundation courses are counted toward the electives requirement.

Foundation (4 credits required)
  • BUS253a: Marketing Research

Elective Courses (16 credits required)
  • BUS 211f: Analyzing Big Data I
  • BUS 212a: Analyzing Big Data II
  • BUS 254a: Branding Strategy
  • BUS 255a: Consumer Behavior
  • BUS 256a: Marketing Analytics
  • BUS 257f: Social Media and Advertising
  • BUS 258f: Sales and Sales Management
  • BUS 259f :Digital Marketing
  • BUS 292a:* Consulting Field Projects in Marketing
  • BUS 295c*: Consulting Field Projects in Social Impact Organizations (Mktng project)

* BUS 292a and BUS 295c are field projects courses – only one can be counted toward this concentration.


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