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Marketing: Executing Targeted Strategies Across the Globe

MBA students working towards a concentration in Marketing review a set of strategies that help a business or organization understand and address the needs of its target market. These strategies, when used properly, help create and sustain value, improve customer satisfaction and loyalty, fend off competition, and maximize long-term profitability. All businesses or organizations can benefit from effective marketing - regardless of the products or services they offer or the industry they are in.

The marketing concentration equips MBA students with valuable knowledge and skills for a marketing career while also creating a broader understanding of business.

Careers in Marketing

Career paths in marketing are extremely diverse, and include positions in product management, brand management, marketing consulting, advertising, sales and market research analysis, to name just a few. Marketing roles require strong analytical, managerial, communication and creative skills. Marketing is an integral part of every company's strategic direction and thus provides a valuable foundation for many roles in business, whether in a large multinational organization or in a small entrepreneurial startup. 

Brandeis IBS graduates have successfully taken on marketing roles at companies such as IBM,, Dell, Apple, EMC Corporation, and International Data Corporation. 

Anna Guelzim

Game, Set, Match

Anna Guelzim, MBA '11

Guelzim cites Brandeis IBS as one of her most invaluable experiences in a path to professional success

Alumni profile for Nils Tessier du Cros, MBA '11

#WorldReadyAlumni - Q&A with Nils Teissier du Cros

Nils Teissier du Cros, MBA 11

"Making a move into the startup world is a great learning experience in an incredibly rewarding industry."

From India to the United States: a transformational MBA experience

Shweta Raisoni, MBA '13

“I wanted a place where I could hone my technology and marketing skills but more importantly, I wanted a school that gave me exposure to different cultures."

Concentration Requirements

The MBA Concentration in Marketing requires the completion of 20 credits. These credits may also be counted toward fulfilment of other Concentrations or of the MBA core requirements.Excess credits in Foundation courses are counted toward the Electives requirement.

Foundation (4 credits required)

BUS 253a Marketing Research 

Elective Courses (16 credits required)

BUS 211f Analyzing Big Data I
BUS 212a Analyzing Big Data II
BUS 254a Branding Strategy
BUS 255a Consumer Behavior
BUS 256a Marketing Analytics
BUS 257f Social Media and Advertising
BUS 258f Sales and Sales Management
BUS 259f Digital Marketing
BUS 292a (*) Consulting Field Projects in Marketing
BUS 295c (*) Consulting Field Projects in Social Impact Organizations (Mktng project)

(*) Bus 292a and Bus 295c are Field Projects courses – only one can be counted toward this Concentration.

Meet Our Faculty

From American Marketing Association (AMA) awardees to a marketing executive from John Hancock, you can be assured you'll be learning from some of the most experienced marketers in the field.