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Second annual global gala celebrates unity through diversity

This year’s Global Gala brought an abundance of dance, song, and laughter to the Brandeis International Business School community

Students from India pose at the end of their musical performance.

On January 23rd, the school showcased its immense global reach; from India to Mexico, students shared cultural elements of their home countries in front of an audience of over 300 students, alumni, faculty and staff.

“This display of multiculturalism and pluralism is part of the reason why I came to Brandeis International Business School,” declared Clifford Drake III, MA’16.

The first Global Gala was held in 2014, when a collective student and staff effort shifted the individual celebration of cultural events to a large-scale promotion of one all-encompassing event.  It was an instant success. This year, students built off the inaugural year’s accomplishment – and earned an even larger audience turnout. From the detailed orchestration of an international fashion show to the sharing of traditional songs and food from around the world, audience members were offered a journey to more than 70 different countries in just one afternoon. This year’s event added a personal touch to the festivities with witty and thought-provoking MCs who shared their own experiences about growing up in, and adapting to, multi-cultural environments.

“The Global Gala is not an easy event to plan or execute, but we were able to learn a lot from last year’s event,” said Omar Sedky, MBA’15.  “This allowed for the difficult and complex planning process to be streamlined. You were able to see future business leaders implement many skills that were learned in the classroom.”

Viola Morse, Senior Associate Director of the Office of Administration and Student Services, and one of the primary planners of the event, believes the Global Gala showcases “the best of what and who we are as a community.”

“Ours is a world with many hot spots and places of conflict,” Morse said. “This event is an example, if only for one afternoon, of how beautiful the world can appear with some cooperation, respect and understanding.”

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