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Brandeis IBS attracts top Indian students

Exchange program with SPJIMR offers innovative paths to MBA, MA degrees

From left to right: Malavika Andavilli, Maneesh Ramanadham and Rati Thakur.

From left to right: Malavika Andavilli, Maneesh Ramanadham and Rati Thakur.

Why did Rati Thakur, a student at one of India’s top business schools, fly from Mumbai all the way to Waltham to complete her MBA?

The opportunity to focus her studies on strategy and innovation at Brandeis International Business School was too enticing to pass up.

“Strategy and Innovation isn’t a very common MBA concentration, but I believe it is extremely important to learn in today’s competitive markets,” said Thakur, who had her pick of top business schools around the world. “It is one of the main reasons I chose Brandeis.”

This spring, Thakur was one of four students from the S.P. Jain Institute of Management and Research (SPJIMR) in Mumbai to arrive at Brandeis IBS as part of a new three-semester exchange program. The partnership allows some of India’s brightest business students to earn Master of Business Administration (MBA) or Master of Arts in International Economics and Finance (MA) degrees.

Brandeis IBS collaborates with a highly select group of partner schools around the world to foster international connections between students. 

The exchange program with SPJIMR was developed as part of Brandeis IBS’ India Initiative. It’s a natural fit for two schools with a “commitment to innovation and shared focus on data analytics and FinTech,” according to Professor of Finance Debarshi Nandy.

“Both SPJIMR and Brandeis IBS offer students a strong, quantitative foundation in FinTech and data analytics,” said Nandy. “These areas are key to unlocking the future of innovation and new opportunities worldwide.”

The opportunities for collaboration will expand in the fall of 2020, when the Brandeis IBS and SPJIMR exchange program will include the Master of Science in Finance (MSF) and the Master of Science in Business Analytics (MSBA).

“We’re incredibly excited about the potential of this growing relationship,” Nandy said.

All four SPJIMR students shared highlights of their Brandeis IBS experience thus far, and explained why the school stood out among other options available to them.

The top reason common to all four: Brandeis IBS’ unique curriculum. As international students with global ambitions, they’ve also relished meeting people — particularly business students — from other countries.

“Brandeis IBS has an incredible culture influenced by different countries around the world,” said Malavika Andavilli, a native of Rajahmundry who is working toward her MBA with a concentration in data analytics. “It helps prepare me for working with people from other countries, and interacting easily with them after the MBA.”

Kundan SharmaKundan Kumar Sharma
Degree: Master of Business Administration
Concentration: Data Analytics

“The diversity of the student body at Brandeis IBS gives you a truly global experience. The faculty is world class and we get a lot of support from our professors and career coaches. And the Boston area provides us with so many networking and internship opportunities.”


Malavika AndavilliMalavika Andavilli
Degree: Master of Business Administration
Concentration: Data Analytics

“Brandeis IBS offers a degree with the perfect combination of management skills and technical skills. I’ve had countless incredible opportunities to learn from faculty, alumni and thought leaders in the healthcare industry. And the location is critical. Boston is the Silicon Valley of healthcare and education.”


Rati ThakurRati Thakur
Degree: Master of Business Administration
Concentration: Strategy and Innovation

“The strategy and innovation concentration in the MBA program is extremely important to stay ahead in today’s competitive markets. It’s one of the main reasons I chose Brandeis IBS.”


Maneesh RamanadhamManeesh Ramanadham
Degree: Master of Arts in International Economics and Finance
Concentration: Applied Economic Analysis

“The student life at Brandeis IBS is tremendous. There are so many activities, workshops and club events on campus. I’ve already met a lot of people from different countries around the world. And the professors, advisors and career coaches at Brandeis IBS have been incredibly supportive.”

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