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How will Biden’s victory, new Asia-Pacific trade deal impact U.S. relations with China?

Commentary and analysis by Prof. Peter Petri featured in Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, The Economist and more

Prof. Peter Petri has been called upon by numerous publications around the world for his expertise on American trade relations with China.

Prof. Peter Petri has been called upon by numerous publications around the world for his expertise on American trade relations with China.

It’s been a busy month for Prof. Peter Petri.

On Nov. 7, Joe Biden was declared the winner of the U.S. presidential election. Eight days later, 15 Asia-Pacific nations signed the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) — the world’s largest trade agreement. Both events promise to shake up the economic relationship between the United States and China after four tumultuous and contentious years under President Donald Trump.

For Petri, the Carl Shapiro Professor of International Finance at Brandeis International Business School and a leading expert on Asia-Pacific trade, the interview requests started piling up in early November.

“Redefining America’s East Asia strategy is President-elect Biden’s greatest foreign policy challenge,” Petri told The Diplomat this week. “China leaves the Trump era stronger and more confident, and with growing ties to other East Asian countries. Yet most of those countries still want the United States to continue to balance China’s influence — a vital role.”

Below is a roundup of Petri’s recent commentary and analysis.

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The Washington Post — Nov. 16

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China’s marginal RCEP gains will not offset trade war impact on economy, studies show

South China Morning Post — Nov. 16

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Time — Nov. 17

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Xinhua — Nov. 17

RCEP to bring significant benefits to members, say experts

Le Monde — Nov. 19

Comprehensive regional economic partnership, a milestone victory for Japan

The Diplomat — Dec. 8

RCEP: The Future of Trade in Asia

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