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The future of FinTech starts with higher education

Importance of internships, field projects highlighted at Boston FinTech Week panel

Bevon Joseph, Karthik Krishnan and Tommy Marshall joined Frank Fessenden at one of our FinTech week panels.

Bevon Joseph, Karthik Krishnan and Tommy Marshall joined Frank Fessenden at one of our FinTech week panels.

Students looking to break into the rapidly growing FinTech industry should prioritize experiential learning opportunities like internships and field projects, according to Frank Fessenden, the executive director of corporate relations at Brandeis International Business School.

Fessenden spoke at a Boston FinTech Week panel Sept. 28. Brandeis University sponsored the four-day virtual event series, which brought together leaders in financial technology and higher education from around the globe.

The panel focused on developing the next generation of FinTech talent. Joining Fessenden were Bevon Joseph, co-founder and executive director of the Greenwood Project; Karthik Krishnan, co-founder and CEO of Mentorworks; and Tommy Marshall, executive director of Georgia FinTech Academy.

The four panelists discussed rising trends in FinTech education and how universities and other programs can best prepare students for success in the industry.

Fessenden noted that Brandeis offers a range of degrees and certifications that provide students with the knowledge, skills and experiential learning they’ll need to work in FinTech, including the International Business School’s Master of Science in Finance (MSF) program. The panelists also talked about what companies are currently looking for from students in terms of skills and experience.

“Whether it’s an internship or field project, or even attending these types of events, that’s how you will learn,” said Fessenden. “That's how you will put the classroom learning and the hard skills you are learning to a practical test.”

Also on Sept. 28, Brandeis sponsored a panel titled, “Choose your own adventure: FinTech education in Boston." Representing the university was Ashley Nagle Eknaian, the program chair of digital innovation for FinTech at Brandeis Graduate Professional Studies (GPS). Eknaian is also the chief digital strategist/head of Eastern Labs at Eastern Bank.