Brandeis International Business School

Hassenfeld Immersion Program: ‘A highlight of my Brandeis experience’

Brandeis International Business School students gain invaluable business and cultural insights during immersion trips

Video Transcript

Jaden Menzer, MA’23: The Hassenfeld trip was without a doubt a highlight of my Brandeis experience. 

To understand how businesses operate outside your own country, in a different environment, with a different culture is so valuable. 

Career Strategies Director Julie Miller: With Hassenfeld Immersion trips, students are able to get a first-hand look at both business and culture in a different country.

This is valuable because students have been learning about international business along with classmates from around the world, and to pull all of that together in a trip to another country really brings it all together.

Djounia Saint-Fleurant, MBA’24: The Hassenfeld Immersion Program I was in was just amazing. It was great to interact with executives at major companies.

Menzer: It was a really eye-opening experience from a business lens, and also a cultural lens, because we got to immerse ourselves in this amazing country, which for me was very important as a Jew in Israel. 

Sion-Grâce Mendy, MSBA/MA’23: I feel better prepared now to take the next step, definitely, because I was able to test my critical thinking, my knowledge and my skills in a different environment, in a different country, in a different culture.

Miller: The Hassenfeld Immersion Program is so valuable for students because it gives them the opportunity to see business in action in other countries.

These trips can be career changing for students and they are absolutely one of the most memorable culture-wise.