Brandeis International Business School

Industry Treks: Your insider’s tour of top U.S. employers

Brandeis International Business School students build connections in New York City, Silicon Valley: ‘We felt like we were part of the company’

Video Transcript

Career Strategies Director Julie Miller: For many of our students, experiential learning is giving a student the opportunity to see what it’s like to work in a particular office setting, or a particular geography.

To get a sense of team dynamics and how different work places collaborate and work together.

With Industry Treks, you get to see the kind of inside track on how a company actually operates.

One of the exciting things about Industry Treks is for students to have the opportunity to see alumni working at these companies and seeing what they’ve done with their Brandeis degrees.

Djounia Saint-Fleurant, MBA’24: My experience on the Industry Trek to New York was nothing short of amazing.

Because it was an alum from Brandeis greeting us, we felt like we were part of the company, just the way they made us feel.

They brought me confidence — confidence in the business skills I’m gaining, that I have now, and it just feels amazing to know that they have created such a wonderful community for us.

Evan Goddard, MSF’24: Brandeis really sets itself apart from other graduate programs by having a very high emphasis on immersion programs.

The Industry Treks, I see these as a great opportunity to network with different companies and get involved with different communities, see where I may want to begin a career.

Miller: Seeing a graduate at one of these companies who was once a student just like you, it can be so inspiring.

With Industry Treks, sometimes students wonder what’s it like to be inside that company, or would I feel happy there, would this be a place I’d like to work?

And Industry Treks give them the opportunity to really be inside that company and seeing those things.