Brandeis International Business School

Brandeis International Business School holds its 2014 Commencement

The 2014 Diploma Ceremony illuminates the guiding principles of business.

Students pose together after the Diploma Ceremony.

Brandeis International Business School honored students from 47 countries in its four degree programs as friends, family, faculty and staff gathered in Levin Ballroom to celebrate the 197 graduates of the Class of 2014.

“Brandeis International Business School is the institution at the intersection of world-class educators and talented students from across the globe.”

It came as no surprise to Eric Ganeles, MSF ’14, United States, that educational experiences at the International Business School were far from traditional. The selected student speaker spent nearly 30 years in the business world and specifically chose to attend the business school because of its unique, hands-on approach:

“How eye-opening it was for me to engage in coursework with students from such diverse backgrounds. Before long, I knew this sense of teamwork and community, in pursuit of higher learning, was at the very heart of the Brandeis International Business Schoole experience.”

This year’s graduates have engaged in practical, educational, and immersive activities in preparation for careers in today’s global economy. In their final hours as students, Dean Bruce Magid shared advice with the graduating cohort, and encouraged them to follow five guiding principles in pursuit of success in business and in life:

Maintain a positive mental attitude
“You have persevered and succeeded in your studies, so you know what is possible. It is in overcoming these challenges that we can know success.”

Do Good for Society
“I challenge you to apply your knowledge and skills to a world that desperately needs what you have to offer.”

Oppose Bigotry and Prejudice
“Be engaged. Be vocal. Be a leader and bring others to the cause.”

Embrace Change, Create, and Innovate
“The business success of tomorrow will be based upon the creativity and "outside the box" thinking of your generation. Be brave and bold in your intellectual curiosity.”

International Business School for Life
“Each and every one of you can contribute to the future of the school from the moment you remove your cap and gown. You will be an important part of our strong, vibrant and growing network.  We are listening, and we will want your help.”

International Business School Board of Overseers member and former Gillette executive Paul Fruitt, P ’79, was honored at the ceremony with the Dean’s Medal for his commitment to the Boston business community. On Saturday, Ricardo Villa, MA ’14, Spain, was announced as the recipient of this year’s Student Leadership Award and proudly led his classmates into Sunday’s ceremony.

Andrew Molinsky, Associate Professor of Organizational Behavior, advised students that “the way to really grow – to really advance personally and professionally in your career – is to have the courage to step outside your comfort zone.”  

Many of this year’s graduates made the decision to leave their comfort zones and uproot their lives in pursuit of an education at the business school. The atmosphere in Levin Ballroom, filled with excitement, joy, anticipation and potential, revealed perhaps the strongest truth of the day: Brandeis is a home away from home, and a home for life. 

“Today you graduate, but you do not leave us,” said Magid. You have left your mark for the next class of young leaders that will arrive. You will forever be part of Brandeis International Business School.” 

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