Chinese Language Program

About the Chinese Language Program

Yu Feng standing in front of a projector displaying Chinese symbols

Professor Yu Feng

The distinguished Brandeis Chinese program offers four levels of modern Chinese instruction from beginning to high advanced, with classes that range from business to classical Chinese.

The curriculum is language proficiency orientated. The proficiency guidelines of the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Language are the framework for our teaching and learning. Therefore, students will develop their proficiency in receptive skills as well as productive skills.

Learning Goals

“Professor Feng made it so that Chinese class felt fun.”

Jamie Fleishman ’11

Spotlight on Students

It’s complicated

The Chinese Language Program received the first place in the 2018 First Year Video Festival "Brandeis Language Oscars!"

  • Creators: Kenny Sim ’19, Vincent Lee ’18, Youbin Ahn ’20, Rachel Kim ’19

  • Instructor: Jian Wei

Watch the 2018 Chinese Language Program Video