Year Four: Advanced Chinese II

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Frequently Asked Questions

I have concerns with learning colloquial Chinese. Maybe it is more proper for a foreigner to speak Standard Spoken Chinese than to use slangs.

Colloquial Chinese is not equal to Chinese slangs. It is a more natural and humorous way to speak Chinese. You can pick up the proper words within the system and avoid using slangs. The benefits are not only for your speaking but for your understanding also. By learning it, you will understand Chinese movies and TV series much better.

I don't think my Chinese is good enough for creative writing.

To learn creative writing is the most efficient way of improving your Chinese at this stage. The main purpose of writing short stories is not to publish them but to make you a better Chinese narrator. If you really want to speak and write like a native speaker, you should try it.

Is it really important to pay attention to the prosadic/syllabic requirements of word collocations? Does it really matter if I break the rule?

Yes. This requirement is part of Chinese grammar system. If you put a single syllable object after a formal bi-syllable verb, the problem is not just weird but wrong. This is the time for you to study the rules and get used to them so that you can speak and write in line with the requirements naturally.