Welcome to Angela Gutchess' Aging, Culture and Cognition Laboratory at Brandeis University.

Our research addresses the impact of healthy aging and cultural background on long-term memory and social cognition, using behavioral and functional MRI methods.

Lab News

October 2020

Lab members attended the virtual International Cognitive Neuroscience Society conference co-organized by Dr. Gutchess, Dr. Goh, and Dr. Losin. Tong Lin and Wanbing Zhang presented a thought-provoking poster and lightning talk, respectively.

July 2020

Congratulations to Dr. John Ksander, PhD on successfully defending his dissertation!

May 2020

Congratulations to Jessie Chien and Ashley Gilliam for graduating with their Master's! Congratulations to Zenith Rai, Yinan Liang, and Sophie Needles for graduating with their Bachelor's!

November 2019

Lab members attended the Psychonomics Society annual meeting in Montreal, Canada. Dr. Gutchess gave a fascinating talk at the inaugural Culture and Cognition Pre-conference titled "Perceptual and Mnemonic Differences Across Cultures".

September 2019

The National Institute on Aging has awarded Drs. Gutchess and Goh a grant to investigate the effects of aging on memory and decision making across cultures, using behavioral testing and fMRI data.

July 2018

Dr. Gutchess was invited to speak at an expert meeting on Leveraging Rarely Investigated Populations for Research on Behavioral and Social Processes in an Aging Context. Dr. Gutchess spoke on a panel about Cross-Cultural Differences in Memory.

June 2018

John Ksander's paper "Cultural specialization of visual cortex" was accepted to Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience. Congratulations, John!

May 2018

Congratulations to Zenith Rai for receiving summer funding from the Provost's Undergraduate Research Fund to study cross-cultural differences in impressions and trustworthiness!

May 2018

Congratulations to Dr. Laura Paige, PhD for successfully defending her dissertation! Congratulations to Yuchen Song, Selen Amado, Grace Hoefs and Dana Zeng on graduating!