HWL 1: Navigating Health and Safety

As a component of Brandeis' Health, Wellness, and Life Skills Core curriculum requirement, all first year students must complete HWL 1 Navigating Health and Safety. This requirement consists of two parts:
  1. HWL 1-PRE Intro to Navigating Health and Safety (online training)
  2. HWL 1 Navigating Health and Safety (module)

HWL 1-PRE Intro to Navigating Health and Safety

The training is designed to minimize risks associated with alcohol and drug use and to prevent sexual and relationship violence. It provides important health information about mental health, alcohol and cannabis use, addresses issues of consent and sexual misconduct, and is designed to support students in informed decision-making. This training is an important step in understanding our values and learning skills to live our mission in daily life as a positive member of the Brandeis social scene.

Alcohol use and sexual violence are critical issues on campuses across the country, and Brandeis is no exception. While both topics are covered in this training, it is important to understand that alcohol or drug use is never an excuse for any kind of violence. 

New students must complete the Intro to Navigating Health and Safety online training before arriving on campus. For students entering in Spring 2021, the training will become available on December 15, 2020 and must be completed by January 14, 2021.

Failure to complete the Navigating Health and Safety requirement may result in a student account hold, preventing a student from registering for classes and adding/dropping courses. 

Please note that the data we collect from responses to the training are anonymous and strictly confidential. We can only access aggregate data and thus, cannot view identified, individual responses.

If you have any questions, please contact the Office of Health and Wellness Promotion via email or by phone at 781-736-3678.

Login Instructions

Students will receive instructions in an email announcement, which contains a link to and instructions for the training in LATTE, our Learning and Teaching Technology Environment online platform.

Go to LATTE and login using your Brandeis UNET ID and password. This training will take approximately 60-90 minutes to complete. Your progress will be saved, so you do not need to complete it in one sitting.

For technical assistance, the Brandeis University Technology Help Desk is open:

You can call them at 781-736-HELP (4357) or email at help@brandeis.edu.

For Parents and Families

While we are committed to supporting student success, we also understand that families are the first line of defense against alcohol and drug misuse and abuse. We hope to enlist your support in our efforts to combat alcohol and drug abuse, as well as sexual and relationship violence. We ask that you discuss your expectations and Brandeis community standards with your student, with regard to not only their own health, safety, and quality of life, but that of their fellow students as well.

To support you in supporting your student, we have included an online resource for parents and families (PDF). This resource provides basic information to share with your student, as well as discussion questions and tips for starting the conversation. 

HWL 1 Navigating Health and Safety

Navigating Health and Safety is a six-week, non-credit course that all incoming Brandeis students must complete within their first semester. Students will be automatically enrolled in this module. 

Navigating Health and Safety builds upon the knowledge learned in Intro to Navigating Health and Safety and Orientation. Students will build confidence and resiliency by learning how to establish productive mind and body habits, set personal boundaries, deal with difficult situations, use campus resources, and support their peers.

If you have any questions, please contact the Office of Health and Wellness Promotion via email or by phone at 781-736-3678.